Fmic ?


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Jun 23, 2007
for the guys who have fmic where is you're trans cooler need sum input on where it works best La. is hot this time of year. thanks
you can squeeze it in between the front bumper and lower core support, if i had pictures i would post them up, all you would need is a couple feet of trans hoses but thats no problem.
I have mine tied off to the lower pass. side of FMIC. It is angled from the IC hose to the bumper arm at a 45 toward the ground. It seems to get the best air this way and does not interfere with the IC. I also run my lines thru the body of the car and come out underneath the battery to the cooler (which help keep temps lower).
Got this Ideal placement idea from WLDWST
look something like what your talking about b_rich24


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thats exactly were i had mine, it gets lots of air i had a midget hang there and tell me:biggrin:

Mine is also in the same place. Catches all the clean air coming under the car as well as through the bumper. You can bearly see it in this pic.

Under the pass turn signal, peeking out from behind the air dam. This is on a dd, driven easy, but I've never seen trans temps over 180*