For anyone familiar with the wastgate actuator that connects to the turbo

I finished installing my Bison 6262 and I had to re-drill the mounting bracket in a few areas in order to make the actuator fit under the outlet. It rubs a little bit, which I am not concerned about. What concerns me is that I finally got the rod hooked up, but it is not straight when it comes out of the body of the actuator. In other words, the rod is straight, but it is angled a bit due to the actuator contacting the bottom of the that okay? As long as the rod is straight shouldn't it be okay?


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It's fine as long as it's not waaaaaaay off (and in the wrong direction).

The rod does has to float a little laterally as the arm swings through it's radius no matter what.
Boom....that's what I needed to hear and the words that I meant. It is floated a little bit due to the angle of being under the outlet. Wrong can it be in the wrong direction. It only mounts one way?


runs with scissors
Because you're converting linear motion into rotary motion, and as the wastegate shaft rotates, the arm will move in an arc (relative to the centerline of the wastegate arm). If you're off to 'one side' and the sweep moves across the center to the 'other side', that's what you want. Same principle of setting one side of rocker geometry.

If you've got the wastegate arm loaded like hell in one direction, and the sweep takes that even further, that would be the 'wrong direction'.

But the rod is going to move very little during it's full sweep, so you'd REALLY have to screw up with the mounting to make it bind. And if if does bind, just bend the rod a little.
fwiw..on my new 6766 with a 3" outlet i had to bend the rod slightly to align with puck arm.. what i did to assure a proper rod and arm swing, i blew air into the gate and watched the rod travel to its stop location and help puck at its full throw spot and adjusted accordingly