For PA owners: GNs may be registered as classic vehicles


May 28, 2001
Note that GNs may be registered as classic vehicles in PA so long as they are maintained up to a good standard and are not daily use vehicles (permitted use is approximately 1 day per week, doesn't look like any overall milage limits).

Who cares? Classic vehicles are not subject to emissions testing. :cool: Though they must still pass the safety inspection. [FAQ] [application, need pictures as well]

I pick the GN up on Sunday. I've already got the forms ready to fill out. Grundy insurance is next. I'm looking forward to leaving the cat off the car. Not having emissions testing was the main motivation behind the Classic plates.


Note for those on the board who's Vehicles are FINANCED, through your Credit Union, Bank or Whatever. You can NOT register it as they (the State) apparently need you ORIGINAL title, according to the instructions, and thier usually held by the Finacer.
they're also emissions exempt in PA w/out classic registration if you don't drive over 5,000 miles, I believe (not sure the actual number)... i qualified for that last year :)
they're also emissions exempt in PA w/out classic registration if you don't drive over 5,000 miles, I believe (not sure the actual number)...

5000 miles is correct. Now if we could get antique tags and insurance on a GN like I have on my GSX. No emissions or inspection, one time registration, and $120 a year for insurance. :cool:
5000k yr , no problem, the most i put on it in a yr was 1.5k:D
That's great , I didn't want to give up my personal lic. plate


Hope that includes TTA's as I hope to get one by spring.
The guys at the garage I take it to love my cars, they just smirk and look the other way when they see the dump pipe on it
Classic Plates

Hey CHARGED the cars to be registered have to be at least 15 years old to be registered as a classic.

I registered my T as a classic last year, but not with out a huge fight with Pendot. If you read the application it states that the car has to be 15 years old PRIOR to the current model year. So what does that mean exactly:confused:? Well according to Pendot that means the car has to be 16 years old:mad: !! Well why don't they just say that! I had to resubmit my app. after talking with the boss at Pendot and only after a large meeting they decided to approve all the 87 cars that had applied last year.
Hope this helps out.
Yup... got mine last year. It gets a permanent registration- no more sending the state any more money for the yearly registration. Although we have a 5000 mile/year emission exemption, now I don't have to pay for that exemption and another sticker on the windshield. Oh, did I mention, the insurance premium with State Farm got cut in half- now it's almost at a reasonable premium for what little I drive it. Premium- great description for being raped by all the insurance companies. Now, if they can get the insurance bill down to where my big block Corvette is at $105/year, I'd really be happy!

By the way, did I read that right, I have to send them my ORIGINAL title,
or a zerox copy???
Correct. The state wants the original title. They will issue a new one. If you can't find yours, apply for a new one. Money saving hint if you have to apply for a new title- do the paper work for the new title and the classic car title at the same time, it's cheaper than sending for a new title and then sending for a classic title. Plus, it won't take as long. I kept my original 1987 dated title and applied for a replacement title to send to get the calssic title. You also have to have a valid insurance card to send a copy along.

Another What if??

Ok, I pick up a GN in a Few weeks in Virginia..... When I get back to Pa with the VA title in hand can apply then?? Or do I have to wait till Penn Dot sends me a New Title?? Then Apply months later, because we all know Pa like to wait awhile to give us are Titles!! or can i knock it out all at once when i get back to Pennsy??
Yea scott, I was gonna register mine for classic tags. BUT I did not wanna lose my "FlyinGN" tags. I drive mine way under 5000 miles so I don't have to get it emissions inspected anyway.