For Sale: 1987 Regal Turbo LS3 Conversion


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Is there any good write ups on changing the pinion seal on the rear axel? Is there a bearing to be replace also? Does anyone have part numbers also? Mines is leaking

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Remove pinion nut. Tap off yoke with hammer. Remove old seal. Install new seal . Reinstall yoke and nut. If reusing bearings tighten pinion nut until you have 6-8 in lbs of rotational force. You will need a dial in lbs torque wrench. Some people have also had luck taking a punch and making a line on pinion and nut and tightening until they line back up at the end.
Mark the shaft to yoke and when you reinstall pinion nut put it back exactly where it was. Also scotch bright the pinion where the seal rides to break the glaze