For Sale - Limit Engineering TE45A Turbo


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Feb 15, 2009
Limit Engineering TE45A with a Garrett .63 exhaust housing for faster spool (this exh housing is getting harder to find and cost me $270 alone). The turbo was rebuilt by Chopper at Limit Engineering in 2019 (have invoice). After the rebuild it sat for almost 2 years waiting for a new engine. It was on the car for only 1,139 miles before it was removed. Comes with a standard waste gate installed and I’ll also include a heavy duty one. Also included is the larger PTE .63 exhaust housing that originally came with the turbo so you can try both housings to see which works best with your specific combo. Almost like getting 2 turbos for the price of one! Turbo has ZERO issues. $675 for everything shown in the photos (including the “earl brown” redesigned RJC manual boost controller). Shipping and PayPal fees not included.

The waste gate hole on the Garrett exhaust housing is .93”. The hole on the PTE exh housing is 1.05”. I also have a block-off plate with a .87” waste gate hole that I can provide upon request. With all the extra stuff this will need to be shipped in 2 boxes.
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