FOR SALE: NOS COMPLETE eight piece external GN emblem set - ULTRA RARE


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FOR SALE: ULTRA RARE - NOS (New Old Stock) 1986 to 1987 Buick Grand National COMPLETE exterior emblem set of QTY: 8 emblems. All emblems are NOS Brand New Genuine Original GM all in the sealed packaging and have been discontinued by GM for over 20 years. Sure there are off shore reproductions available at half the price but the weight and color are different. If you are spending $20K plus on a paint job don't cheap out on the emblems. Set consists of QTY: 8 - NOS emblems - Front BUICK grill emblem, QTY: 2 - 3.8 SFI TURBO hood emblems, QTY: 2 - INTERCOOLED fender emblems, QTY: 3 - Grand National (front fender & trunk lid) emblems. Keep your car all original GM.

$950.00 plus $28.00
shipping with a tracking number to anywhere within the Continental USA or Canada. Payment accepted by paypal friends and family or if paying by Paypal merchant add the 4%. If I know you and have dealt with you before - I will accept payment by check as well.

Thank you!