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Aug 14, 2018
So had help from a local expert who had never seen this before; forward gear clutch, 14 pieces. Has anyone seen this before? Any thoughts?
TQ Conv is an Art Carr 16930 (believe its a 3600 non lock up). Forward clutch is completely ruined, also forced out the bushing in the hub shown in the pic with the screw driver pointing to it. All other clutches and hubs looked good, clutches were brown and hubs showed no signed of wear. Pressure check in each gear (P, R, N, D4, D3, D2, D1) also looked good before tear down.

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I am by no means a trans expert but first off the forward clutches are the first to go ( ask me how i know) second that looks like it was beat on long and hard, the AC 16930 i have is a 3200 NLU ...
Thanks TTA308, at least someone else has had the same idea of trouble.

Here is the first of the chips that had to be forced out
What is the history on the car? Have you ever drove it? Could be somebody just didn't know what the hell they were doing that put it together.
Car sat for 16 years+ and just got the motor running after 9months of working on it. I hit a curb was towed home and reversed in my garage. It used to be my daily driver.

My best guess is letting it get too hot, I didnt have a external cooler and run a high stall NLU TC. Or running it with low fluid. I would also go on long drives. OC to apple valley, OC to SD often, OC to LA often.

Thinking out loud I'm hoping the heat needed to make that many pieces of the apply ring didnt hurt my converter.

Couldn't be the builder of the trans it was a legend of the game I truly miss these days, as he has retired. The Wizard aka Don Wang aka DRW transmission. Havent talked to him in over a decade!
Update, bought all my repair parts from

They were incredibly helpful and had ALL the parts I needed for a rebuild plus some upgrades.

For parts I'd use them 100% again if I had to.

The tech (as well as others I've shared this with) had never in the whole life seen an apply ring crack in 13 pieces, especially for a street car with 400hp'ish. His best guess was low fluid conditions causing extreme heat. I now have repaired the trans, installed a temp gauge and a cooler with fan that comes on at 185.