For you "Sleeper" fans....Here is my wolf in sheeps clothing:)


Jun 4, 2002
Heres some pics of my 1987 Buick Regal Limited "T". Its sooo sedate looking, nobody pays much attention to it.....until I let the turbo do its job:). I actually have vintage 15x8 Chevy rally wheels under those wires. LMK what you think.





That's a great looking car. I'd love to hear the reactions when someone gets smoked by that ride. BTW, the license plate sets it off, nice touch.
Love the plate! LOL
Put a flat hood on it, remove the badging .......
That alone is worth at least 0.5 seconds in a street race. :cool:

That is the ultimate sleeper. The interior looks new.

BTW - Are you old enough to have the title on the front tag?:biggrin:
I like the look very well done. :biggrin:

Any mods done to the engine,turbo,trans,etc?
I love it

That is a perfect sleeper!! I love the hub caps, just needs a stock flat hood and a quick De-badge and it'll be a heart crusher!
Awesome ride.....

I agree... flat hood... loose the badges..... put the pillar gauges in the glovebox.....

I've only seen one better.... a guy in BG last year.... he had a 4 door mid 80's regal... with a LC2.... seems like it was white.... he snorted on it once in the pits... it was sweet...