Ford POS IC update.

cool 84

Got hotair?
If you don't mind cutting half the front end off of your car, go ahead and do it. My car is already a POS and I'm still feeling guilty for hacking it up this much. I thought it was going to be a little grinding but I have to start with the big 1/2 hp grinder. The place I have to grind on the core support is double walled and a regular dremel or die grinder would take a few months to cut through it all. It's tempting at this point to make a pipe to connect the turbo to the TB and run it. It looks like the amount of hacking that needs to be done was left out in other posts about this IC. I'm hoping I don't have to move the battery to the trunk to clear the hoses.
To anyone thinking of using one of these intercoolers, stay away from it. I can't believe someone recommended this POS. I've wasted a whole Sunday afternoon and I'm not even 1/4 of the way done with the cutting. I'm having it towed to work so we can use a torch on it. The car is a complete hack job now. I might as well install a cage and finish cutting it up. I feel like selling this car and starting over. I'm still wondering WTF I was thinking to cut my car up like this. Is it worth it to spend another $600 on an actual kit? Hell yes. I am beyond pissed right now I'm not even going to bother with beer, it's a Southern Comfort night.
Instead of drinking, I got it done. It's ready, all I have to do is install the front end (if it fits) and run the plumbing. It's not "that" bad if you're prepared for about 4 hours of grinding. The bad part is the cutting of the car. It doesn't look that bad with the IC installed from the engine side. I plan on taking pictures before it all goes together so everyone can see where to cut.

It's times like this that I really regret not getting my car running good at the track before so I can see if all this work was worth it. Hopefully I can run deep in the 11s so I can justify cutting the car.
Damn cool84 :(

Sorry to hear about all your problems, and I also thank you for your honesty. I look forward to seeing how things work out in the end. I have a strange feeling that once you get it all connected you'll love what this intercooler can do. Of course, all I know about this IC is what people on the board have been saying and it sounds kick-a$$.

Anyway, good luck man. Take it easy.

What are you cutting up?

I assume your cutting up the radiator support?

Nobody is going to see that anyways :)

I assume you didn't go the route of welding different end tanks on it so you could route the piping differently? Isn't that an option?
If you have problems clearing the battery, you should go to a battery store and see if they have a smaller size battery that would fit.
I wish there were different tanks available. Mine are plastic and it looks like they attach just like a regular aluminum radiator. It looks really nice sitting up there. It is going to clear the battery but barely. I'm also using 3" tubing. I have a slightly smaller than stock battery. Hopefully I will have it up and running next weekend. After that I will get a wastegate and get some track #s. They won't mean much because I've never gotten a full pass out of the car anyway.
You know, this Ford intercooler idea ran through my head when someone gave me one for free... It has aluminum end tanks though, and I figured I'd have to re-weld some new tanks on it... Sorry to hear your problems though. :(

I did pick up an intercooler out of a Mack truck and it looks like it will work awesome after I cut it in half! You can get (2) turbo Buick intercoolers from just (1) of these things. Due to the taper of the end tanks and the outlet diameter, one would be for a high 10 sec. - low 11 sec car, and the other would be one for a super fast car. The inlet/outlet diameters are 4"!!! :D

Cool thing about the Mack intercooler is that it will setup just like a normal FM like a CAS or ATR. The piping would probably fit from one of those things...
hey Turbo Riv, Do you want that intercooler from the powerstroke that you got for free??? I will pay you something for it if this other one that i am trying to get doesnt work out. the MACK intercooler sounds like it would great for a fast car with those 4 inch Inlets & outlets. where do the tubes enter and exit at?? the bottom?? let me know about that IC
I have one from a big rig too. The outlets come out underneath, they would come out like the common kits for the 87s under the radiator. Mine is way too wide to fit between the bumper supports. The core itself is about the same width as the Ford unit but the tanks are about a foot wider in all. I was going to try and make it work but it would've cost too much.
dude, find a truck junk yard and pick one up there. i have one from a freightliner that i bought for $25. eventually its gonna be a front mount.

I'm not doing anything with it at the moment, no plans for it in the forseeable future either... If you're interested, let me know. I can go out and get a part number off of it if you want too... That might help you make sure it's the right one you want... Let me know!
By the way, the Mack intercooler exits underneath the car. Normally the outlets would be on top if you mounted it in a Semi, but if you turn it upside down, the outlets curve under the core support. Once you cut it in half, and weld up the ends of the tanks, you've got a functional intercooler. Just weld on brackets and add piping!
Thanks for the reply. its too bad that i dont have any large truck junkyards anywhere around here or else i would go try and find one of the mack intercoolers. it seems to be the easiest to do. However, I dont have a very valuable car like some of these guys have, mine is just a 84 black ttype with the 87 drivetrain. its already been changed around a bit and I dont think It would matter much with a cut up core support if I put that ford intercooler in. so I would like to know what you want for it. I wont be using it any time soon, since I have to get my wiring harness correct, but I hope that i can use it someday. so tell me what you want for it. I would enjoy having it for a future project.
I can make it fit more than likely. thanks a bunch
giant ic

silly idea, go to junk yard buy used core support , modify same . put on car cut labor time in half. do you want to sell it.
I think its a fine idea. I dont care if my core support is cut up any. wont be seen anyways and it shouldnt hurt the value of my car. sell what??? I dont have anything for sale. im just asking if I can purchase scotts ford intercooler as a future project. since he got it for free, and hes not gonna use it since he got that mack intercooler, I would guess that he would be glad to sell it. I have a friend who does aluminum welding so im gonna see if he can put another end tank on it or something. I really want the IC though.
Hmm... Hell I don't even know what the thing is worth. It's in pretty good shape as far as the fins go... I'll check it out and report back on the condition though. How about we do this:

(I know this isn't the for sale section, but...)

For Sale
1 used Ford Intercooler
Make offer

I don't need this intercooler, but it's not costing me anything to keep it other than the fact that I'll be moving soon and that's one less thing to move! :D
well, considering they go for about 100-200 bucks on ebay, or 230 new, I guess I will say that I will give you 125 for it. I know another guy who has one who will sell me one for that. he just wont have it for another 3 months.