Ford Powerstroke intercooler install help


About done
May 25, 2001
Well, I have started the install and been taking the front end off the car and low and behold I ran into a problem allready. I got the bumper and grill of easy but the rest of the metal front end I can't get it to budge. How many bolts hold it on if any one knows.
you talking about the header panel that holds the headlighs and grill?

if so take the trim off around the headlights and there are bolts at the ends behind the marker lights
I got it off now for the hardest part. I bet my work is going to look liek a major hack job but at least it will be in.
If you have a I/C with aluminum tanks you can cut the tanks and mod. to fit like a V2 I/C. I have done this and started on another Ford I/C project. The good thing is you don't have to cut your car. I hope to have pics. in a few weeks.
I am really looking forward to seeing those pictures! I took some measurements of mine and don't see how the heck you got end tanks to fit between the frame. That core is huge on this thing. I would really prefer to go the under-not-through route on this project.
Thanks for "listening"