Ford vs GM shootout at Denton


six offender
Feb 10, 2002
Just got it off of will be a ford vs. gm race on saturday january 31 gates open at 12 and runs till 8.There will be an outlaw class,power adder class (thats us!),n/a class and some gay little class where you cant run faster than 7.99.Looks like a good event for us LSPBC boys to attend.Whos interested? I will be there for sure if I can ever get my parts in the mail.
I'm there! If I can get my car back from the shop by then. If not, I'll still show up and cook hamburgers or something.
Great.Hope to see alot of buicks there.I think the fords will win the 7.9 and slower class by default!LOL .I will be there for sure,but it looks like my parts won't be in in time.Kind of short notice,I know.
Unfortunately, my car isn't fast enough to have that problem, so I'm not sure.:(

But, I did here some other guys saying they were starting to get a little more strict about it.
Originally posted by kevin
anyone heard what the weather is going to be like?
So far the forecast is 50-60s and clear.
I may come out if I can talk the wife into going after I drop my TA off in Keller....
I'm hearing now that a cold front may make it down just pass the Red River. Not sure if it will make it to Denton or not. I would bring a coat, just to be safe.:(
I'd like to thank everyone for comming out, it turned out to be a way bigger success then both us at NTSR and DD thought it would be. We were said to see the poor weather conditions but we are part to blame for holding it in January.

We are currently getting talking with Denton again to hold another shootout in the April/May months. Denton is hinting to want a "Street Car" shootout instead of just a Gm vs Ford so we will see what goes down. Either way with the turnout of this one we are pretty sure if we hold it in a better weathered month there will be a bigger crowd which would be great. I will keep ya'll informed as it comes along.

Thanks again for comming out and showing an interest.:D
It was cold and there was a fairly good turnout even though it was not ideal conditions. I do not know where the Ford vs. GM thing fit into the advertising of the event. It should have been Ford and GM or just advertised as a racing event as there was no effort to line the brands up against one another. Also, if there is to be any competition in the event something should be done to more evenly match the cars. The power adder class had cars running from the 9's down to the low 6's and the loser was out. Where is the competition in that?

I think that it is a great advertising idea to bring people in but the racing would have been better with a few changes. Hopefully that can happen with the next one.
Yea we noticed that too, we are going to make some changes to the class's and its now a "Street Car Shootout" instead of "Gm vs Ford". The gm vs ford thing didnt quite work out as we planned b/c it seemed that the GM's out numbered the fords atleast 3 to 1.

I will make a post in here about what ya'll think classes should be like so everyone can have an opinion on this.

Thanks for comming again and hopefully the next event will be alot warmer and alot more fun for everyone.:D

P.S- I am having somone from the track sift through all the paperwork to find out who placed what. I will post it up as soon as i find out.:D
Yeah, I agree. The GM vs Ford didn't work. Break the classes down in 5,6,7 second classes.
I didn't like the fact that Buicks are in a power adder class. I didn't add a power adder, it came stock with one. I guess there's not really a class for us.
I know it's hard to run heads up and keep it close especially if your racing a race car.

I had fun anyway so that's what it's all about.