Found this at the Dayton Auto Show


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Dec 17, 2004
I took the family to the Dayton Auto Show several weeks ago. As we entered the door I found a pleasant suprise. I forgot about the new cars and went to this car. It was a pleasant suprise. Obviously the car is for sale. I did not get the odometer reading on the car. It was a pretty clean car.

I also met an old friend there that was the original owner of GNX# 157. It had been years since I had seen him and was before he sold 157. I asked him how much he regretted selling 157.. He regrets it........ In the near future I am going to post in the GNX section about the possible where-abouts of 157.


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Thanks for the picture:wink: I always love seeing a low mile Buick GN or GNX or T,, whatever....:biggrin:
I think the guy sitting in the chair had something to do with the car. There was 4 cars there that was represented by the name at the bottom of the plaque. Also I know the plaque reads the milage at 8700 miles...I just like to see exact especially it being low milage.