FP regulator question?


Is that a Monte Carlo?
Sep 3, 2001
I have a blue anodized billet fp regulator that I bought from Kenne Belle about 10 years ago. It doesn't have a whole lot of miles, but it seems not to be functioning. Can these be rebuilt, or do I just have to shell out another 100 bucks and replace it?

Thanks for any replies!
If it's what I think it is,it's probably an Accufab unit[I realize you bought it from Kenne Bell].You could always pull it apart and try to spot what's wrong.Maybe you could fix it.If not,you know what's next.
I just went to Accufab's web site, and my regulator looks just like their regulator except for the color. I think I'll crack mine open tomorrow and see if there is something simple wrong with it. It doesn't leak gas or vacuum that I can tell, so it might be a fast and easy fix. I also e-mailed Accufab to see if they do offer a rebuild kit.

Thanks for the reply!
It won't adjust below 44 psi, and fuel pressure doesn't increase with boost pressure. :confused:
It is rebuildable.

I do not know if they have changed designs over the past ten years but the diaphragm should be replaceable if you can get the part.
Just got e-mail back from Accufab! They do offer a rebuild kit for $30, and it does fit my Kenne Belle regulator. I think I'll still take it apart and figure out exactly what the problem is. It's nice to have an option that saves over sixty bucks!:D

I'm glad you found out what the problem was. It should be an easy fix. I would test it again after the rebuild just to be sure....

I wonder if I am having the same problem. Mine is the newer, black Accufab unit, and I noticed the other day that it won't adjust below about 40 psi. It seems to change pressure with vacuum (reads about 36 psi with the line on, goes to 40 with the line off). I don't know if it changes with boost or not, but I think I will order a hood-mounted FP gauge to find out.