Fresh out of College


"You have a vacuum leak?"
Oct 20, 2001
I am really more of a reader than a poster on this site but there is a situation were i would like more than family members and friends to read and give their opinion. Yes i am fresh out of college (graduated in August). Graduated with a degree from Southern Illinois University in Industrial Technology (its the business management side of engineering). To be honest i am the classic guy who leaves high school and everyone has stamped that there is no way i am going to make it through college. So I have made it and is by far the greatest accomplishment in my very young life. Now on my breaks in college i worked for a company were my father happens to be the GM (classic not what you know, but who you know). Job was invaluable to me while in college because i was able to relate classroom jargin to the workplace. Well i am still working there and have reached the glass ceiling. I take the obvious next step and start reading about making a good resume, make the good resume, and start whoring the thing out to anyone who would listen. Well i got nothing. Following step i send it to two of my college professors saying would they please read it over, give any pointers on room for improvement, and if so willing to please pass it onto any employer willing to employ. First teacher tells me that my resume looks good and that he will recommend me and my resume to anyone who rings his phone. The second teacher's email is the email that brought the house down. Keep in mind that i only asked for a look over of resume, improvements, and employer. This is a copy and paste job of tidbits of the email.

PS. If you are serious about getting hired, here is my personal and
unapologetic advice for you--take it or leave it......You have a lot of
talent that you are choosing not to use for the sake of self expression and
individuality. It's your choice.

I recieved this email after coming home for work and was so aggitated that i could not sleep that night. Maybe I sound like a whiner and need to get used to the real world because its not a nice place, but thats not my dilemna. My dilemna is do i stop being myself for the gratification of others? Do i censor myself for the rest of my life between 9 and 5?
One of the best parts of my degree is unlike mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering we get to take psychology classes (which i find immensely interesting). Maslow's Hierarchy of Need's says once a person has food, water, and shelter, after that its all about finding yourself and being happy at home and work. So if i follow the advice of my teacher can i satisfy Maslow's theory? There is also two quotes that i have used in debating this dilemna. "Some of the happiest people come home stinking to high heaven." This quote says that happiness is everything. "Money is purely cosmetic." Keep in mind this is true in Maslow's eyes as long as you have food, water, and shelter. This quote says that you can be making six figures but still hate to get up in the morning, or you could choose to eat bread and water and show up to work with a smile from ear to ear.

Friends say the teacher is #1 or needs to read between the lines. Mother says put a mask on from 9 to 5. Father doesnt answer the question, but i think he is telling me it is not his job to sway my judgement.

I think you're just beating yourself up over this issue ! Look....your young, have a good education, and family as a good support base. Look at where you want to be 20-30 years from now, then set reasonable goals for yourself. If it's a morale issue that you feel will hinder your goals...then look for something more to your liking. After all is said in done, it's your face you have to see in the mirror every day ! Do what you feel is right, and build yourself a solid foundation for your ladder to success. Remember that it's ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. All in all....if you can come home at night and reflect on your past, and know you did your best to get to where you are with your integrity intact, then rest easy, tomorrow is another day ! Money can make you rich but being rich and wealthy is not a measurment to a man's happiness and success. I know...because i'm rich and I don't have any money !!! This is just my advice to you and I wish you luck in whatever you decide.
It really depends on what your prof. meant by "You have a lot of
talent that you are choosing not to use for the sake of self expression and
individuality. It's your choice." He knows you better than us.

In most professional jobs appearance and attitude are a huge part of the mix. I work for a company that analyzes the automotive electronics industry we have analysts that are "back room guys" smart, know their stuff but we would never put them in front of a client because they are not polished or do not take criticism well. They make a living but do not do as well as some of the guys that can do the analysis and present themselves and the work to clients.

You have to find a balance, what some call a sell out is another's way of life. Keep educating yourself so you do not get stuck in a situation you do not like.

Good luck!