Friends car won't go any faster


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Hey guys, I am helping a friend over the phone with his GN because he lives 60 miles away. When I met him the car ran a 13.02@103. It had a few bolt ons like a 3 inch DP, TE-44 turbo(we think) 009s, 5.6 chip and an old smc alky kit. It also had a PTC 10 inch LU converter but we didn't known it at the time . He purchased it like that. I believe it has stock heads and cam and bottom end. It was running about 20 psi of boost on that 13.02 pass on 275/50 MT drag radials. The car doesn't 60 ft worth a damn.

I helped him get a powerlogger and wideband, update to a AlkyControl kit, he changed to some comp 980 springs and installed an RJC frontmount. He also updated the chip to the 6.1 turbotweak and some 60lb injectors. He went back to the track and found the convertor was slipping excessively. We didn't know what convertor was in there but he ordered a PTC from Dusty. Tonight at the track the best it would go was 12.51@110. He adjusted Afr targets and tried adding a few degrees of timing along with adding a couple pounds of boost. Nothing seemed to make a difference on trap mph. 110 was the fastest. I haven't looked at the log yet but I did see snapshots that he would text me. He went through the traps at 5460 rpm which I feel is way too high for a stock cam motor. I also think the convertor is too loose for the power he is trying to make. I have only been able to help over the phone and he is turning the wrenches with my advice. Any suggestions on what to do from this point on? Thanks.


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I don't see excessive slip on a 26 inch tire.a 28 would drop rpm and allow him to hit the tire harder with boost off the line.1.93 on the 60ft looks like he is rolling the car out and not leaving on boost.if the car is on a 28 inch tire and traping 110 slip would be higher than needs to 60ft.
I'm the friend JPWalt1987 is talking about.
So Mr Spool you're saying without a doubt a taller tire would help me?
Thanks in advance
Yes, there is more sidewall and more should leave with as much boost as the track can hold without putting the car into wheelspin,use the ebrake to hold the rear in place.