from michigan?

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Is anyone form michigan? I am looking to buy an 85 turbo t in redford. there are a few mechanical problems and i was wondering if anybody with knowledge could help me out.
cool. the problem with the car has to do with the oil pump, or so he says. the car is in really good condition and i am afraid to tell you what he is asking. I am just not sure what i need to do and would like it if someone else with turbo experience could help. send me your phone # and i will give you a call. or , do you have aim? my aim is Long Live R2D2
from Lansing, and am relatively new to the world of GN/T-Type... everyone has been very helpful. spring is in the air and can't wait to get out and get to meet some people! :)
I'm from Ionia halfway between GR and Lansing, and you DON'T want help from me. I can slow your car down by spending $....all I've accomplished so far.
hey larry, sorry i havent called you yet, i didnt get home from work till about 11 today and i didnt want to be rude.
Grand Rapids here, and been known to diagnois hot air issues over the phone.... Let me know. Will add you to my aim
Grand Rapids also, with all the problems i've had with my car I'm sure I can tell what to stay away from.