Front cover seal part #...

J Banning

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May 25, 2001
Does anyone have a Felpro part number for the front cover seal (crank seal) on our cars? I'm running a precision housing and need a new seal by tomorrow.

I just bought one last weekend (the whole timing chain replacemnt kit was $10) but don't have it handy. If no one has it in the next hour or two, I'll dig it out :)
yep TCS45930 is rubber seal timing cover kit. The individual crank seal shows as felpro number 95364 but has numbers k100674R and s12623 cast into it.
Thanks guys. I'll make a run to the auto parts store and see if they have it.

If you are using the PTE front cover that uses the seal that installs in the front of the cover, you will not find it at the parts store. This cover comes from Silver Seal products. I ordered a new seal from them for my front cover. The seal is $2.00ea. form Silver Seal -v- $10.00 from PTE.