front cover

T-Type Mike

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May 29, 2001
Hey guys, just got the front cover off to do my timing chain/gears, Does anyone have any part numbers handy for the oil pump gaskets?? I might as well get her cleaned up while its out. Also is a rebuild kit available and should it be performed?
So far it has been a relatively trouble free day~!
Any and all help is always appreciated! Thanks guys, Mike
Mike, is the oil pump plate baddly scored? Was there any sign of a weak pump before? If not, you can put it together the way it is, or you can put in new pump gears if you like. should be able to help you out. If the General can't help you out with a gasket, I'm fairly sure I have a spare lying around here somewhere. :) Did you do an all steel stock replacement set or a double roller?
Jim, the pump plate seems relatively ok. Although there ARE a couple of scores in 2 different spots.:confused:

I had no previous signs of anything that was going wrong with the pump/pressure last year?

I ended up with the sealed power timing chain/gears. Stock style steel.

Thanks for your help buddy! Hope all's going good with the new set-up!!!