Front fillers, console parts, bezels, 87 grill and more!!!!


Have a few things for sale. A lot of these items are off my personal 86 GN that I am restoring at the moment. The parts off that car are at 60,000 miles if that matters to some. All of these parts are driver quality and will require cleaning, polishing, or paint to be NOS quality. There are no big cracks, tears or such unless noted. The damaged stuff I have I throw away. I live in Canada and will ship to the USA.

Shifter handle, grey and in good shape, no tears staining or cracks. 60$

Console door, grey with a black out plate double sided taped to it, no tears or cracks, plate matches black out shifter plate found in GN’s, plastic core and hinge are good and not repaired in any way. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Front bumper fillers, good shape, no cracks and still flexible, I assume they are original to the car, if there is a number I can read off the back to confirm this let me know, a few paint chips, will need to be touched up to be perfect, or if yours are completely destroyed these are fine drivers. 200$

87 grill with “Buick” emblem, no backer plate for the emblem as I need it for my replacement grill, no broken fins but a little sun fade, NOT brittle, has a few tiny chips along the base where it likely bounced off the bumper a few times, barely noticeable and with a touch up- would be invisible, Great driver. Sold Sold Sold Sold

Chrome console shift plate, really nice, no pitting that I can see, needs a cleaning, with a polish it would be close to NOS, SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Corner marker lamps, no cracks, a little faded but again, good drivers, 50$ a pair, I have chrome SOLD! and black-out BLACK OUT SOLD AWAITING PAYMENT

Front bumper impact strip, has the white line partially remover, never mounted Sold Sold Sold Sold

Headlight bezels a little faded but not brittle, no visible sag, one small rock chip in one of them but could easily be painted. 100$

Front air dams, no cracks on face, faded, would need paint to be 100% 50$

Turn signals, decent shape, RHx2 30$ each NO CRACKS LHx1 25$ one VERY small crack, 1 inch long- hard to see

I will need zip codes to make sure I don’t get killed on shipping, I prefer PayPal as well and don’t charge back the fees like others because that’s the cost of doing business ;)





Corner marker lamps, no cracks, a little faded but again, good drivers, 50$ a pair, I have chrome and black-out

Interested in the black out marker lights...
Can you send me a couple better pic's?
sorry I probably hit the wrong key. If the other guy dosen't get the blackout corner lights I'm interested. To 70364 zip. Thanks