Front fillers, console parts, bezels, 87 grill and more!!!!

both fronts , condition? price? ship to south fl. 33433 thanks

One person ahead of you on the filler, they are in pretty good shape, one or two rock chips, no cracks, and still flexible. If the other guy doesnt take them I would do 120$ shipped to you.....
What shape is the passenger side headlight bezel and is it chrome or black. Also how much shipped to 14830?
Headlight bezels a little faded but not brittle, no visible sag, one small rock chip in one of them but could easily be painted. 100$

The passenger side is the one with the small chip in the fin that devides the two lights. It is like a small paint chip. If I were going to use these on my car I would scuff them up, prime and paint them.
I would do 100$ shipped on the pair. They have always been black they are not chrome.