Front/Rear Track Width, the same?


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
I am just curious, but on TR's, is the front and rear track width the same? I always see trucks running around with wider track width in the front, and I want to avoid that look and also wondered if anyone has ever measured this? Thanks all for any help.
I did some research, and this is what I came up with:

Resting on a 108.1-inch wheelbase, the chassis measured 200.6 inches long -- a length to wheelbase ratio of 1.86:1. The body was 71.6 inches wide and 54.5 inches high. Tires 8.5 inches wide with a 7.2-inch sidewall height encased front and back wheels measuring 15 inches in diameter. The Buick had a 58.5-inch front track and a 57.8-inch rear track.​

Can anyone confirm if this is correct?