Front seal installation tips...

Nick McCardle

May 26, 2001
So, I've pulled the timing cover and replaced the front seal before with no issues.

Today, it hates me. Loves to act like the seal is too large and eat up the rubber on the outside where it meets the timing cover. I coat it in oil, place the seal on evenly, place a piece I have that fits the metal edge of the seal perfectly on top, tap in....and chewed up rubber. I won't mention how many seals I killed tonight, but I had a lot of extras from buying timing cover gaskets chasing my oil leak last year.

Tips, tricks? It's such a simple thing to do it's driving me nuts that it is giving me such issues but maybe I'm having a huge brain fart.

Edit, guess tomorrow will be a trips to a friend's house to see if I can borrow some tools to press it in....little more control, more gentle on it. Still mad it didn't want to work the way it has before.
Make sure and ground down teh factory stake marks. I know what you mean soem go righ in then others are a hassle.
Last one I did the inner support spring flew into orbit and I about never found it.
Had luck large faced plastic dead blow hammer hitting the seal square and not killing it. put a lil lube around it as well
As mentioned smooth out the stake marks. Then I take a small brass wheel on a drill & clean it up really well.