Front seats and rear cover for sale


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I replaced the front seats with a set of Corbeau and had a rear cover made to match. I held on to the seats just in case but to be honest with myself, I will likely never need or use them. So here they are for sale. The driver seat is power and works as it should. Front seat covers are driver quality with no rips or tears but some fading. Rear seat cover is newer and darker but in great shape. Again the rear is only the cover, no foam or frame. Act now and i will include all seat shrouds and a console pillow/cushion as seen in the photos. Pickup preferred which is why I have them listed in the FL section. Located in Ocala 34479 I will not ship these... Just not worth the hassle.
Gotta list price so let's start at $450 for all. May trade for shaved bumpers or a really nice steering wheel. PM me for contact info


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Interested in rear cover if you'd separate? Is the rear bottom also included?
Thanks Mike
If someone comes through for the front seats, I'll sell the rear cover separately. Otherwise, I will retain them as a set
Front seats are gone but I still have the rear cover. It is boxed and ready to go. $125 shipped


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Yes it is top and bottom. Will need a little steam to smooth out the wrinkles but otherwise no issues. Thanks