front tire/wheel size


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May 31, 2001
will 235/60/15 rub with 8x15x4.5 bs ?
i already have the rims from when i bought the car. i currently have 15x6 on the front and they just dont cut it on the freeway. i took the 8x15x4.5bs off the rear and went to 8x15x3.5bs now i have a set of 4.5bs that are just sitting around.
will the 235/60s fit on a 8in wide rim?

just trying to save time and money

any comments are welcome

whats wrong with 15x6's on the front?? I have a set now. I am planning on 225/60 or 225/70 for the front tires. I don't know if 15x8's will work in the front.
im getting alot of understeer (front end push) thru the bends under acceleration. if i punch it comming thru a bend i wind up taking the bend to wide. (im not taking it to wide the front end drifts wide). same happens while passing and changing lanes.
i belive the rake of the car has something to do with it. as well as the contact patch. i have 205/60s (goodyear HP- traction A) on the front now and they look bulged out . on the rear the 275/50s BFGDRs with the weld dragstars and 3.5 bs look awsome and the fronts are wimpy in comparison.
i have a fat front swaybar and blistiens. i understand it not a vette but i think i should have better handling than what i have now

so basically

the freeway traffic around her is usually a steady 75-80 so if i punch it to pass i am easily in the 100s. tire size starts to matter then. i could drive slower but, you know

i have done as search on tire size/ bs (popular topic) but no one mentions 4.5 bs. maybe it cant be done with 235/60s. i could just try it, but i like to get things right the first time with out extra cash outlay.

wow long post!

I have the same size tires but not the rims, the fronts rub alittle when making sharp turns.