Frustrated not having INBOX nor Notification Box

There is a long black bar right above the "TECH ARENA" section. All the way to the end of it on the right, is a 4 square icon. It is directly to the left of the "STAFF ONLINE" second on the right of the page. Click on it. You have access to everything from there.
Im having the same issue on the home computer so I decided to log on at work and everything is fine the way it should be.
All three of my computers (at work and at home) show it broken. :(

Regardless of what you guys think, the events are this: 3 weeks ago it was perfect for everyone. Now, like 2000 people all say it's jacked up. Something changed here and it wasn't us...
I finally just started holding the control button down and hitting the += button 3 times when I get on...It works fine on my phone though.
I find myself showing up here a lot less often due to this ongoing glitch---sorry, but that's the way it is.

Thanks for the info, that works but why should we need to do that/go there.

It's being blamed on the "upgrades"........ I don't see where any of what was done has "upgraded" the site for me. As a matter of fact, it's done just the opposite. :rage:

It certainly makes me think twice about joining the proposed "pay for play" site that is being bandied about.
God forbid people have to do a few more clicks than usual. Everyone will get arthritis *scared*

I think you're missing the point.

The "upgrade" didn't affect some here, yet it obviously affected many, many here negatively.

Please explain to me in your best arthritic typing how so many of us who now have issues have somehow benefited from this debacle? ............

I can't even log off.

How F'd up is that?
This is pretty much BS and below is a screen shot of what I now see each time I open

Since I can't log out, I'm stuck.

Anyone have a fix?

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