FS: 1987 turbo regal 55k miles


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I'll start out by saying I do not need to sell this car nor am I positive I really want to. That being said I purchased the car a little over 2 yrs ago and in that time only driven it a little over 100 miles.

The car is located in Springfield Missouri now. I purchased it just north of Detroit and trailered it home. I have always wanted one of these cars, but soon after purchase I got a new job and I am always on the road now.

Things I have added since purchase
Vacuum lines
New plugs and wires
New maf pipe and filter
New rear springs
4 new shocks
Walbro and Hotwire (not yet installed)
Flow matched 60lb injectors and chip (not yet installed)
Rjc downpipe
Atr 3 in single shot
New silicone hoses and tbolt clamps
Converted brakes to vacuum (stock one bit the dust)
New battery

I can not prove it has 55k miles but I would bet a lot of money that it is not 155k miles. Turbo has no play in it, hood liner is in good shape and interior is damn clean esp for the color.

Car needs a little tlc, that I am struggling to give it because of my schedule.

I'm asking $16k that's what I paid for it not including all the upgrades I've added. I get its not the car or color combo everyone is looking for but I wanted a more rare combo. It has no power locks or Windows. No power seats but has concert sound.

I'll try to answer anything I can. It's not a show piece by any means but it is pretty clean. Think it just sat a bunch and saw some sun.

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That's a good looking clean car!

Good luck on your sale. You do realize that you will eventually regret selling it.