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Posting this for a guy who I did some work for on the car.

'87 GN
185K miles...but looks like 85K car

-Nice new paint
-New Jegs Pro Star wheels.
-4" wheels in front, 8" in back with new 255/60/15 M/T dr's
-Wilwood brakes in front
-Extreme Automatics S2 trans with stage right. Deep pan
-New TV cable
-Rebuilt PTC Non Lockup converter...car spools fast!
-Engine has forged pistons and a 212/212 flat tappet cam
-Rest of bottom end is unknown but sounds good with good pressure. Built by Harper's Racing
-TA valve covers
-67P trim turbo. New.
-ATR Headers
-ported heads from Harpers
-Ported intake by Excessive Acceleration
-RJC pullies
-PTE upper plenum with 70mm TB
-Reds douple pumper (new)
-New Razors alky kit with dual nozzles
-Very nice aluminum Radiator
-Kenne Bell Front mount IC
-New Fast XFI from Hartline w/internal data logger
-80lb injectors (new)
-bmr rear suspension with ATR sway bar
-a few custom touches in the interior (including nice and comfy racing seats)

Car runs great. He drove it home from my house (4 hours away) with no issues.

There is a huge list that I'm forgetting. Car drives great. Handles great even with the skinnies up front. The car stops like a mofo with the Wilwood brakes up front.
Car went 120 mph on 18 psi on pump gas. I ran the car. Never left on the tbrake. Car has a ton left in it!!! Legal THS car. I would say car is an easy mid ten second car when boost is turned up and launched hard. Ran mid 11's with a 1.9 60' on 18 psi and 19 degrees of timing:) Car is a beast on the street with current tune

Comes with many extra parts including GNX flares (not installed) and brand new front spoilers.

He is asking around $15K or trade for a nice truck for equal or less value (+cash).

Contact me if interested.

These are the pics he sent me...more to come if you are interested. Car is located in Evansville, Indiana


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I've taken many Buicks to the track. When I had this one there....I had a lot of people come up and compliment this car. Never really had that happen before lol.


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