FS/FT: 1987 Grand National- One owner car (Same Family)

Mountain GN

No, it doesn't have a V8.
Apr 19, 2006
I have an 87 Grand National for sale or trade for LS1 F-body or GTO. Looking to get $9500 or best offer.

Car was purchased brand new by my dad on Father's Day, 1987. He left it to me when he passed away in February, 2006. The first 116,000 miles are documented in a log left with the car. Every drop of fuel, along with all oil changes and repairs are listed in this log, dating from 1987 to 2006. I have most receipts for many of the upgrades since then.

My car has been in the family since it was bought new in June of 1987 (my dad bought it). It has been well cared for, never abused and in great condition for it's age/mileage. It's definitely a survivor car. Everything works except for the power antenna. I've added a Poston's style GNX dash that has a mix of Autometer and VDO gauges. With the exception of some carpet wear, the interior is outstanding. My Dad bought the car and put seat covers on it right away, and I when I changed them out last year, I was stunned by the PRISTINE seats underneath. Seats currently have covers on them to keep them in perfect condition. Motor is unopened, but does have a new double-roller timing chain and has brand new Comp Cams 980 valve springs with new seals and locks. It also has an Extreme Automatics Stage 1 TH200-4R transmission with less than 2000 miles on it.

It's currently setup to run 16 lbs of boost, though with the Alky Control system, you can run 25 lbs or more safely on 91 octane pump gas. I've run as high 22 lbs of boost, and the car absolutely flies. The Gen2 MAF Translator and TurboTweak chip work together to allow you to tune the car using the Powerlogger and Scanmaster that I'm including in the sale. I just added the chip and translator and have not yet tuned the car, which is why I have the boost turned down. Once tuned, the car should be at around 375 RWHP/420 RWTQ at 20 lbs of boost, based on similar combos being run on other turbo Regals.

Oil has been changed with Mobil 1 synthetic every 2000-3000 miles since the car was new, and it's absolutely immaculate under the valve covers. Has a minor rear seal leak, and despite that, only uses a quart every 1200-1500 miles. I replaced the oil pump with a high volume unit last year, and it runs 40 PSI oil pressure @ hot idle in gear. Motor has no weird noises and runs strong. It doesn't smoke or have any funny smells. You would never guess the car has the 160,000 that it does.

Mods are as follows:
Brand New Precision 6152E turbo
AlkyControl Progressive Methanol Injection System
Adjustable wastegate
MSD 50 lb injecetors
Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator
Walbro 340 Fuel pump with hot wire
LS1 MAF with GenII Translator
Duttweiler Neck Intercooler
TurboTweak Extender Extreme "G" Chip
BstC boost controller
Comp Cams 980 valve springs
TurboSaver (second oil filter)
Hooker Exhaust
Hollowed Cat
Double-Roller timing chain
New high volume oil pump.
Extreme Automatics Stage 1 Trans
Orange Stripe 3000 stall converter
Full GNX Bracing
All body bushings installed
Boxed control arms
GNX Cluster
HID low-beam headlight conversion
And probably more stuff that I'm forgetting...Just ask!

All it would really need is a paint job and weather stripping (though it does not leak). You might even want to just paint the hood and spoiler, as the rest of the car isn't too bad. It does look good from 20 feet, but the hood paint is badly checked, and there's a tiny spot of surface rust where the 3.8 hood emblems used to be. Body is straight with no dents, however, there are spots of door dings down the sides, though none are down to the metal. Bumper fillers are intact and in great condition, too.

It kills me to get rid of it, as it's been in my family since I was 16, but I miss having a 6-speed LS car. The GN has been extremely reliable and I would not hesitate to drive it cross-country.

Looking to get $9500 in cash or trade value for the car.

What I'm looking for is a nice, clean 6-speed LS1 F-body or GTO. I don't have much cash to put into a deal, which is why I'd rather sell. I am open ideas, though.
Here are some pics of my car:










great looking car for the $$.
I like the driverside front spoiler. more info on that?

Funny.... I have the exact same drink holder. fits down in there real nice.

great looking car for the $$.I like the driverside front spoiler. more info on that?Funny.... I have the exact same drink holder. fits down in there real nice.GLWS.
That front air dam is from the old Kenne Bell Ram Air system. I removed the restrictive cannister and use the air dam and tubing to duct cold air to the intake.