FS: SOLD!! Nice set of used silicone coolant hoses - All 7 for rad & engine


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Jul 9, 2001
SOLD!! When I replaced my motor last year, I sprung for a new set of radiator and coolant hoses to start off new again. I thought I'd pass along this good set of silicone hoses that I took off my car during the rebuild. The upper and lower radiator hoses, the s-hose, the front heater coolant hose, and the three heater core hoses are included. They are all grey, except the upper radiator hose, which is black. Many of these hoses came from G-body, but the lower rad hose may have come from TR Custom Parts back when he carried them. The lower rad hose has a metal section in the middle, and it routed well around my PTE SLIC. You can see the split loom section I added to keep the hose from vibrating against the SLIC. I cleaned all the hoses in mild soap and water, and hogged them out a bit with some bottle brushes. There is some residual coolant residue in the small hoses, but nothing too serious. I used Evans NPG waterless coolant, so these hoses didn't see a lot of high pressure. A few of the small hoses have "teeth marks" from the worm gear clamps I used to retain them (see pics). This mostly cosmetic as the inner liners and outer jackets are all in good shape. There is also a minor rub spot on the upper rad hose (see pic), but is to is cosmetic. I'd like to sell all the hoses as a package, and am asking $80 shipped to your door in the lower 48 United States. I paid way more than that to G-Body when I replaced all of them on this latest build. Thanks for looking!
John A, Turbohh

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