fs: stock intercooler and shroud $75


93 firebird/GN hybrid
Apr 18, 2004
Stock intercooler shroud $25

Stock intercooler $50

I'll have pics up for these tomorrow.

Hi Greg,
If the intercooler and shroud are in very good to excellent shape, I'll take 'em. Let me know. :)
Thanks ........ BW Jones
i dont know what good to execellant condition is, but i will post pics tomorrow and you can judge for yourself. are you the same guy that bought the injectors off me? if so how are they working for you?

I'm gonna pass on the intercooler. I'm needing one to be in very good to excellent shape. Thanks very much, however, for posting the pics.
Take care ............ BW Jones :smile:

i am sending you a pm.......................................thanks Bob
do you still have the shroud

i'm interested in the shroud. Do you still have the shroud?.

sent you two pm's i will take the intercooler and Buick T can have the shroud. thanks Bob
intercooler has been sold, i still have the intercooler shroud. it is in good condition, rubber is still soft. would like to get $35 shipped for it.