FS/Trade MAF Translator Pro Setup


In Progress
MAF Translator Pro, brand new with brand new Caspers plug and play harness, new Extender Pro chip for 55 lb low impedance injectors. Picked up a BS3 before I installed the engine in the car so I don't need it. This cost $670 + shipping from Full Throttle ($400 for t-pro, $150 for the harness and $120 for the chip). Asking $500 + shipping for all or best offer. Will trade/partial trade for some stuff I need, see list below. PM or email if interested or you have some parts I may be interested in.

Parts I Need:
Champion alternator only bracket
TH 3" DP
30 Spline Eaton Posi unit for 8.5" rear
C-Clip eliminators for 8.5" rear
70mm Accufab or KB Throttle Body (already have 70mm plenum)
Forged stock stroke crankshaft

I also have a Maf Pro. I could you the 55lbs chip if you wanting to sell just that. Let me know