Fuel Guage setup on a Hot Air


Undercover TURBO Brother
I got a used hood mounted fuel pressure guage from a local guy, but it has a hole in the hose (which looks like a AC r12 hose) and has a USG 100 psi plastic guage..... I only paid $10.00 :D for the setup, but basically I would like to replace all the components. Has anyone else built a budget fuel guage setup?:confused:

I bought a replacement fuel guage from Grainger for $5.48, and this time I got the metal guage. I need a part number for the AC R12 line or a rail mounted fitting

mine is on the fuel rail

I got my FP guage right on the end of the fuel rail. I didnt bother putting it anywhere else because I dont think it would be too useful anywhere but next to the FP regulator when I adjust. IMO, I think the extra hardware and length of hose and stuff to relocate the guage, only creates the possibility for more complicated probs in the future. I'm not totally sure, but I believe the fitting is standard 3/8 inch, maybe 1/2? I cant remember without seeing it in my face, but I will get back to ya about it.

Good luck in the mean time...sorry to be a pescimist, just opinion, no facts.