fuel injection


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Sep 4, 2007
i was wondering if any one new any thing about the mega squirt electrionc fuel injection i have a lt1 in a 67 chevy 2 maybe twins down the road sorry guys i was in love with the bowtie before i met the buick love my gn as well it brought me the turbo and i will never go back
Megasquirt is a fairly simplistic but powerful aftermarket ECM. I have heard it works for MAF applications but I've yet to have someone tell me a concrete use that way. The biggest thing that the Megasquirt won't handle that the Turbo6 ECM will is the sequential fuel injection. This doesn't really do much for most racers since they spend all of the race above the sequential cut off but street guys it will help with idle, emmissions, and fuel economy. I'd use the LT1 stock stuff and edit it with LT1edit, HPTuners, or some other editor. Its probably as cheap as a megasquirt and generally superior.