Fuel leak


I just got done putting pypes 3" on my ttype fired it up noticed drivers header leak which I'll address but there was fuel running down the test pipe.i cannot find a leak.i did t even jack car up in front or touch anything in front of test pipe
Anyone have any ideas
It's fuel,I just looked at it well and did not no return lines were on passenger side of car,my stupidity now I need to figure out the routing to replace them.Does not look like fun at all,any advice on this would help.
I haven't yet,it's right by downpipe.so trying to figure if I can cut it back further and up past down pipe and use hose on each side of it so it doesn't melt
Everybody sells new replacement lines for about $75 bucks a pair. Buy them.
Or you can half ass it and your insurance won't cover the fire claim due to "improper repair."
Your call....
As a shop owner, I have had to testify about "repairs" before. Boat insurance companies (we did a lot of performance engines for them here, and I wrote for "HOTBOAT" magazine for years) are very particular and have so many disclaimers in the fine print, you would not believe!
Insurance companies are happy to take your premiums, but they don't make money paying claims.
The stock return line is tiny and runs across the front crossmember as I recall. You can undo it under the fuel pressure regulator. I would put a blowgun on very low pressure and clamp it to the tube with some fuel hose. Then get under the car and listen for the hiss. All you will do is blow some air into the gas tank. You could remove the gas cap to let it exit. Good luck.
I'll find the lines and replace them,just looks like a serious pain in the ass but should do.it correct way
Anyone got any tips on replacing,wow this looks like hell to do looks like I have to remove all kinds of crap to run them
Thought about taking it in to have a shop do it than seen the cost of estimate,I'll buy bendable steel lime and run it and then flare it
I am pretty sure they have metric fittings on the steel lines. Make sure you have the correct parts before you rip everything out!
I am thinking about boxing in the C channel on my frame like I did my 1972 Chevelle. If I do that I will re run the lines toward the inside of the box section.
Instead of threading the lines thru everything.
I am pretty sure I will reroute these a little better,they do make them with fittings just not positive on fitting and thread
Ended up being fuel line was between downpipe and frame getting rubbed it was rubbed flat
Rerouted new one,all good