Fuel Level Sender and Walbro Fuel Pump


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Feb 20, 2002
Back in 2004, I purchased a new fuel pump and sender assembly from ATR (remember them?). I never got around to installing it in all the years since, so it's time to sell it. The assembly has been wrapped in bubble wrap and tape until recently (when I took these photos).

The sending unit is a stock GM unit (new, never used). I checked it with an ohmeter, and it is definitely calibrated for an analog dash (not a digital dash like I have). See photos for wiring, connectors, and part number of the sender.

The fuel pump is a Walbro FS20000169, which flows the same as the other pumps in the "Walbro 340" series. Again, new, never used. The serial number on the pump is "11104-01" (111th day of 2004), which should be well outside the range of the "problem" Walbro pumps. The pump was sent to me by ATR installed on the hanger and with all wiring attached.

A new filter sock and fuel tank gasket are also included.

I'll take $135 shipped to the lower-48.

Any questions, please PM me or post here.

Thanks for looking!