fuel pressure problem


my fuel pressure will not adjust past 40 with the vaccumm line off. The regulator is about a year old and i took it apart and there is no rips or anything. the pump is about 2 years old and i recently had it out and the sock looked alright. The injectors where on the car when i bought them so im thinkin that is the problem. It starts up after 2 cranks and runs alright. I also have a problem fi the line not holding pressure when the car is off, It drops to zero within seconds and also when i turn the key on it goes to 32psi and back to zero
It sounds like the rubber hose is loose or split in the tank that the after market pump requires. The pressure will go up then bleed back into the tank. No more psi than 40 would also be caused by this. There is a link in gnttype to test the injectors regulator and pump but I cant find it. Something about the rubber hoses that run up the front of the engine. If you clamp one or another it could be check valve in the tank pump, open injector or bad regulator. Im betting the rubber hose on the pump. If it were a check valve in the pump you should be able to get more psi out of it. I hope this helps. I had it happen to me years ago.