Fuel Pressure


Jun 28, 2007
I checked my fuel pressure at the rail and at idle it is right at 31lbs. and that is with the vac line on.

Does that sound low ?
It has the bosch 233 regulator on it.

Some people have told me previously that it was too low.
The car is stock from what I know.

This car runs rich at idle, but as soon as I start driving it, the bls go straight to 128 and stay there according to the scanmaster.

At idle they are at 142 and I do know that is high.

Thanks Steve
The TT chip requires 43 psi line off.... the Bosch 233 reg is stock... you need an Adj. FPR... and if the BLM is 142 at idle, then it's not 'rich'.... that means the ecm is adding fuel because it's lean.... probably because the fp is too low....
I am going to get an adustable.
Almost unamimously on this board it seems to be on of those "must have parts".
Thanks for the input.