Fuel Pressure


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That'll do pig.... that'll do....

Del Fuel P twin 525s.PNG

SMP 160Lb injectors, twin hellcat pumps, -10 feed and -6 return.
twin 10 gauge power feeds to alternator with twin 10 gauge grounds to the battery.
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This however.... well this definitely will not do.....
(this was before installation of the twin hellcat pumps)
This was activating the fuel pressure safety system.
Del Fuel P twin dw300s.PNG
Scary, was the original tune 1 Hellcat pump or another brand?

Curious on the turbo size?
This car had twin DW300’s. They were a couple years old and could’ve used some heavier gauge wiring. Filters were looking sketchy too. The ECUGN was watching and protecting! Low fuel pressure fault code was activating frequently.
Turbo is a 6466 on a healthy 109 pushing 800 flywheel. She’s a bad bitch!
With the flow charts
1 Hellcat 525 is roughly 400lph @ 70psi
1 DW300 is roughly 275lph @ 70psi

Pretty much 550lph (2xDW300) couldn't keep up to that engines combo, wow. Good catch tuning, saved it from certain doom. 👍