Fuel Pump dead?


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So I found myself with a few hours to kill last Friday. I headed for my local dyno to get a few baseline runs logged. The car ran great on the way there and has never given me any problems in the few thousand miles I have owned it.

I arrived and shut it off while I talked to the owner. He instructed me to pull around to the dyno so we could strap it down. Went to crank it up...turned over but no start. Turned the key several times and did not hear the fuel pump. Popped the hood and checked my fuel pressure gauge - 0 PSI.

Borrowed a test light and checked power at the relay and the pump...both had power and ground. I now am left with the option that my pump is bad.

Do fuel pumps just fail like this...i.e. no warning (or maybe I missed the signs?)?! It is a walbro...
Same thing happened to me, check your hot wire relay, and fuse. I bypassed my hotwire relay, (disconnected it) and hooked it back up with the factory harness to get it started, then I ordered a new 30 amp relay. Just something to check.
the pump prime wire is at the behind the alternator , connect 12v to it see if the pump runs (you can use the hood lamp feed as they will plug together
if it FP runs the relay on the pass fender is bad

if it doesnt run with the prime connected to 12v and you have a hotwire disconnect it by the rear bumper and reconnect to stock harness and test again , if it runs the hotwire fuse or relay is bad