Fuel Pump install question


May 18, 2010
OK, I am going to install my new sender, pump, gas tank, and hotwire kit over the weekend. When I have the ractronix in tank wire harness connected to the pump and sender, is it safe to apoply 12v to see if the pump comes on? Or do I need to install the tank, add gas, try it, if it fails remove everything etc etc?

fuel pump install

just did my tta 2 times look at lines hooked mine up backwards and blew the sender ... hook sender up only and check on pump install in tank with gas is what i did check for leaks , its alot better the second time , lol good luck , and mine is running sooo much better .......:D
If you hook up everything to the harness, you can use the fuel pump test lead under the hood to BRIEFLY check if the pump runs. I say briefly because the fuel cools the pump as well as prevents the gears from grinding themselves into oblivion. I do this as a test before I actually put the pump in the tank and button everything back up.
Thanks guys, gave it some quick juice and the pump came on....looks like it is wired correctly.