fuel pump location


I had an accident where the fuel tank was damaged and all the lines were ripped out. I decided instead of replacing it back to stock, I'll just install a cell and run new lines. I figure I'll put a fuel cell where the stock tank was and make a hole in the trunk, excessible to put fuel in the cell. I'd like to put the pump where the spare was, but i dont know if the pump has to be even with, above, or under the level of the cell? If any one has any pictures or ideas of how to run the system please let me know. The lines will probably -8 or -10 feed and a -6 return? if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. The car is being built this spring so I don't have all the details except: stage II block, champion heads,JE pistons, steel rods,steel crank,roller rocker set-up, jimmy's built to the tilt tranny,intake ported to the max,te60pteturbo,purchasing front mount(pte) and got to talk to harry about computer and injectors and rail. thank you very much for any info you could possibly help me with.:D This sight ROCKS!!!!
is that a single 60mm turbo your running on a stage block?? You deffinately wanna run something like a fast system, its just extra security for the thousands of dollars spent on these motors.