fuel pump problem


next gen buick enthusiast
Jan 14, 2003
so, my car has been abused and neglected for the last 2.5 years since it was forced to sit in my dads garage. well now that ive graduated and am only workin one job, i have the time to work on it.

we started up the car from time to time and it ran considerably well with the old gas in it. however, the other day when i went to actually start working on it, the fuel pump (walbro 340) wouldnt work. all the electrical checked out so i dropped the tank. after tapping on the pump with a screw driver the pump would run intermittently. im assuming its all gummed up from the bad gas.

my question is what i can do to free up this fuel pump, or if i should fool with it at all. i definitly dont want to be running high boost on a questionable fuel pump. i do have a new 307 that has been sitting in my garage for quite some time, and i am considering using it while i get it all freshened up. obviously i wouldnt want to be racing with the 307.

I've had my tank off a couple times, and it was a lenghty, nasty procedure twice. What I would do is to replace the pump with new. I would not trust a fix up since you never know if it's going to last. What a chore to deal with.
ive already taken it off, about a 10 min job. i also bedlined my gas tank, so its not all that dirty. i kind of figured i should just replace it, but wanted the opinion of the TB folks.