fuel pump questions


trying to get it like you
Feb 10, 2003
how far will a single walbro 340 60lb inj and alky take me....just checking to see if i should address the fuel situation with a gt67 .63 exh roller cam ported heads etc...
With my combination and 110 octane (no alky) I found the fuel pressure fluctuated in 3rd gear. This was on an 11.10 @ 122 pass. So to be safe I would say very low 11s or upper 10s should be the limit.

I know others have been faster on a single 340. Car weight, alky, fuel pressure and injector duty cycle all play a part as to how far you can go.

I would keep an eye on the fuel pressure, EGTs and of course "knock" to see how far you can go.