Fuel pump relay harness


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Jul 22, 2005
Anybody know where I can get a fuel pump relay connector/harness repair kit? Got a TTA with a bad connection - fuel pump doesn't stay on. Any info. is greatly appreciated.
So what exactly is the problem??

I hotwired mine with a RaceTronix kit and ended up having to solder the connector from the hotwire relay to the pump as it wasn't a good connection and the pump would ocassionally shut off or not turn on when needed. Got to be really annoying to have to climb under the car to wiggle the wires when it happened.

Also, the fuel pump relay is mounted on the firewall near the brake booster and is the one in the middle of the 3 relays sticking forward more (towards front of car). I usually just jump it or pull the top off (mine came unglued) and manually activate it to make the pump run for whatever reason, usually to pump the gas out of the tank.

I found the fuel pump relay on the firewall.

This is the problem - the car was sitting for a few years. It was started and ran maybe once within the past two years. We tried to start it a few weeks ago but it wouldn't start. I took a fuel pressure reading and found that when the key was turned on, the pressure went to 30 psi and dropped back to 0.
Obviously there was a fuel delivery problem. I found the fuel pump relay location through a factory service manual and found that the female connectors are "pushed back" resulting in a bad connection, causing the drop in fuel pressure. I need to find a FUEL PUMP RELAY HARNESS to splice in so that there is a proper connection to the fuel pump relay.

I know that this is only the beginning because I'm probably going to have to drain the tank since it has stale gas and see if there are any other issues that would prevent it from starting.
If you guys have any other tips/advice, it would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Two plans of attack come to mind if it was my problem:

1) Take the relay with you to a junk yard and find a GM product with the plug you need and take it home with you (I don't mean steal it)

2) Get ahold of Casper's Electronics and get what you need from them.