Fuel Pump ??'s


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Jul 23, 2002
Somebody concocted a homemade hotwire kit and therefore cut the tan wire leading into the fuel pump connector. I butt spliced the wire together, but when I checked in the trunk to see where the wire ran exactly, it was cut there also. I recently installed a new hotwire kit, and fuel pump. I ran a jumper wire to the pump to test it behind the alternator and still no power. I am wondering if this would prohibit the pump from turning on, seeing as those I cannot hear the pump run at all. I changed all relays, checked fuses and everything seems tight. What else could it be? Could that one wire be keeping the pump from turning on?

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Steve Chambers :D
yes, that wire is your problem
the hotwire needs the factory wiring to be operational because it uses the old factory pump feed to trigger the new relay which takes the pump load off the factory harness , once the relay is tripped the pump gets its power through the new thicker wire you ran to the alternator.
the jumper you ran at the alternator only supplied 12v to the factory harness feed to the pump which inturn would switch on the hotwire relay by the tank . you stated that original tan pump feed wire is in peices where it goes into your trunk so until you fix that its not going to work

the hotwire has a male and female connector as does the hotwire to install it inbetween the factory body harness connector and the wiring that goes to the pump without cutting any wires

you will need to reestablish the original pump feed (tan wire circled in diagram ) from the trunk connection by the hinge to the three wire connector by the rear bumper (at pin C)

also be sure to connect the ground wires to good clean metal as they are just as important