Fuel Pump

Brian Verson

Jun 19, 2001
I'm in need of a fuel pump for my 86 GN. Had it on the chassis dyno yestarday and the fuel pressure at WOT was going to 62psi and dropping off to 58psi at WOT. 358hp 443 torque at the rear wheels. Was recomened dual setup. Help ....
The biggest majority of us go with the Walbro 340GSM, which is a great, high-volume/pressure in tank replacement. However, they just discontinued it, and changed the part number. There was a recent thread on this board that lists the new number. Do a search and you'll find it, or, contact www.racetronix.com for the pump and kit. They make a beautiful installation kit, and have great pricing as well.
Many folks running low 11's run this setup, w/ no problems. Per your HP numbers, it would be more than ample for your needs, and even liberal upgrades.