Fuel pump


i put a 307 walbrow fuel pump & hot wired it in a 86t.
the fp will not shut off it, goes to 80-90 psi.
i changed fp regulator,didn't make any difference

HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is your pump the 307 or 340? Is your fuel psi reg. adjustable? If it is you might have the psi too high.


FP is a 307
regulator was adjustable changed to non-adjustable, no difference
guage worked before i changed the pump
it won't stay running,but if i disconnect the pump,it will run until it runs out of fuel

What wont keep running...the car or the fuel pump? If the fuel pump wont stay running then check all of your connections, esp your ground.
I'm confused. The pump should run continuously. If the fuel pressure stays as high as you state, then you may have a restriction in the fuel return line - maybe you crimped it when reinstalling the tank.
Replacing the Fuel Return Line

Hi! Don't mean to hi-jack this thread, but you may be in the same boat as I. My car would not regulate lower than 40PSI ... Vac line on or off... Runs OK but economy was way off, low BLMs, and I could not get "passed" the Smog check until I put an older weaker pump in there.

Has anyone replaced the entire fuel return line before? Any tips?

I purchased the fuel return line all the way to the front of the tank as well as the smaller one (With the flex line) that connects it to the FP regulator.

Looking for any tips... Removal/Installation order (Front to back or Back to front? What needs to be removed? etc...)