Fuel pump


Oct 3, 2001
Anyone know what pump it is that Bowling Green Customs sells? I have one in my car and I was wondering what it's limits are? I looking to get in to the 11's on street tires and I want to know if it is enough. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :confused:
I had one in my old 87 GN. Having dealt with theirs, a 307, and a 340, they all look about the same, so I would guess that the BGC unit was a Walboro 307. My 87 GN went 12.5 at 110mph with it and 30lb injectors and 21psi of boost. 1.9X sixty-foot on street tires, no locked converter, full weight car. The total pressure output was around 65-67psi, from what I remember.

You should be able to get the fuel for the power to go 11's from the BGC pump, IMO, based on my previous experience.