Fuel system help


Jul 17, 2005
Alright experts, forgive me if this gets windy...

drove 3 hrs last night without issue, started and warmed up the brick for about 5 min this morning, then got in to go to work, drove maybe 40 seconds and she died, no hiccups/sputtering just dead. got back this afternoon, pump primed and she pseudo started, (more like sputtered) for 2 seconds and died again. now the pump won't even prime and the engine just turns over. i'm fairly certain its fuel system related but i'm stumped. here's the basics:

running great, no problems whatsoever until today, i actually got my PB last tuesday. (12.87@107 :biggrin:)

new walbro/hotwire: 7/09
new fuel filter: 7/09
5k mile 50lb injectors: 8/10

again, until today, there have been absolutely zero issues on the fuel side, always started/ran like a champ.

i checked the fuse under the dash, its good.
checked hotwire fuse on alt, its good.
i bypassed the hotwire altogether by re-attaching the factory fuel pump connectors by the tank, no change.
reset the ecm, no change.
put 5gal of gas in thinking it might be empty (long shot, i know), no change.

i'm not sure which relay under the hood is the FP relay, but maybe thats it??

i'm 3 hrs from home at school right now, so i'd prefer not to drop the tank unless thats what y'all think it might be, but its serving as my dd up here for the next week or so, so i kind of need it to run lol.

please, what haven't i checked and what should i do next.
thanks in advance, gents.

Jump the connector at the ft of the dr valve cover to the hot stud on the alt... Pump run??

I'm putting my $$ on one of those great Walbros took a dump...