Fuel System Issues....


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May 25, 2001

Running into a few speed bumps trying to come up with a fuel system for the TTA to support the new motor going in. With the build up I have, and the projected times, I'm going to be on the ragged edge of a single intank Walbro 340.....so I've got to look at other options. I really did not want to go with an external pump. I had remembered hearing a few years back that the ATR Double Pumper setup for the Turbo Regals wouldn't work on a TTA. ATR didn't offer a setup for the TTA, but on occasion it was rumored that if you sent them your gas tank assembly, they could modify it and set you up with a double pumper. I spent most of today on the phone with Kelly @ ATR and she said they did at one time offer this service, but haven't done on in the last 6-7yrs, and don't have the design plans anymore so they wouldn't be able to do it. So,.....what are my options for a fuel system? What modifications have to be done to run an external pump? What is the pump of choice,...the Weldon or the Aeromotive? Can you tie back in to the stock fuel line or do you have to run braided all the way up to the fuel rail? What do you do about sending units? You have to cut and weld a sump in the bottom of the tank right? Dan McDonald,....George Benson,....what setup do you guys have? Like it? Hate it? Anything you would've done different? Cost? I really hate to have to go with a noisy ass external pump but that seems to be my only option now. I'm open to suggestions.
You can buy the parts from Phil at ATR to make you own...thats what I did. The hanger is the only diff between the TTA and GN. Getting the tank out is a pain but the rest is fairly simple.
Hmm,...I asked Kelly if I could just buy the parts and do it myself, and asked if they maybe had any documentation on how and she told me no. How recent was this? Maybe I should call back and speak with Phil. Any tips or tricks on doing this? How'd it work out for you?
Red Armstrong should be able to make you a double pumper. I sent him my TTA gas tank years ago so he could make the first one.

Robert Crisafulli
Just got off the phone with ATR again. Talked with Shelly this time. Phil no longer works there. She said they would sell me the parts to do the conversion, but couldn't really tell me how to do it. She said none of the guys who use to do the conversion worked there any longer. I'm going to try to call Red in a bit and I'll let everyone know what he says.
Just got off the phone with Red. Let me start with this..... It was the first time I've ever called him. I had read reports in the past about him being a real ass,...but as far as I'm concerned,...he's a super nice guy. Anyways,...back on subject.

You have to send him you're hanger only. Not the whole tank. About a one week turnaround time. He charges $100 for the modifcation to your hanger and the double pumper kit, then $290 for the two XP Plus fuel pumps. So total cost would be $390. He said stock fuel lines and rail would be fine.
Phil doesn't work there???Thought he owned ATR?

The positioning of the hanger has to be right or the floats will jit the side of tank...thats why in the past Red has required the tank...he could have a fixture made now...might want to verify that. $390 is cheaper than the Atr will cost you anyway and you don't have to screw with it...sounds like a deal.
Red said he only need the tank on the first one he made (Rob's) to get the clearances right. He said now he just needs the hanger. He said he's had no problems with then to date. This looks like the option I'll be taking. As soon as I feel like dropping the gas tank after all this snow melts....hehe...:D

Phil Griffith and his wife, Shirley, no longer own ATR. They sold out some time ago. I understand the new owners are former employees??
Thanks Robert for doing the leg work on this and Rob C. for his gas tank template. This is good news indeed!
I have heard the new owners of ATR are a lot easier to deal with if you have a problem.
in my own opinion fuel is the life of these motors i say go all out i have a sumped tank with 2 8an outlets to a areomotive pro series pump with a 8an feed lin to the rail and i used the old feed line as my return with a paxton stock type regulater thit the orifice drilled out to send more fuel back to the tank at idle and the areomotive proseries is not that loud

george benson
I just have a few questions about the areomotive pumps.

I've heard some tales that they tend to heat up and seize in a street driven application. Anybody seen or heard of that?

Also any problems with a double pumper setup when they come on? Sudden rich spikes, etc.

Sorry guys, I usually just lurk but I'm considering a DP setup in my truck, just exploring options.

I run Red's double XP pumps and have more fuel than I need at 10.25@ 133.44. I will put the same setup in our TTA if I was going to the 9s with it. I have used Reds setup for years with no problem. It is QUIET too.